A Center Channel Speaker That Stands Alone

One of the most important elements of a surround sound system is the center channel speaker, and you can get the best results with features like aluminum dome tweeters and an integrated powered subwoofer.

Each home theater speaker plays an important role in creating a powerful listening experience for movies and music. However, a center channel speaker is especially vital since accounts for nearly 70 percent of a movie's key audio presentation - including dialogue, music and sound effects. Choosing an exceptional center speaker makes a huge difference in your home audio or surround sound system's overall performance, so look for these essential features.

Focus on high-performance tweeters and drivers

Nothing detracts from your entertainment enjoyment quite like straining to make out muddy dialogue or losing the nuances of music. When you hit play, you want to clearly hear every word and note. Quality engineering in your center channel speaker allows detailed sound to come through with precise placement, so you never miss a whispered line or a subtle detail in a vocal performance.

The Definitive Technology CS9060 exemplifies the features you should concentrate on when purchasing a center channel speaker. Aluminum dome tweeters produce an expansive range that stretches beyond the limits of human hearing for the most authentic sound reproduction.

The cabinet counts

When it comes to getting reliable performance out of a speaker, consider factors beyond the electronics inside. The materials and design of the enclosure also affect sonic clarity, and interference from the cabinet can throw off imaging or make dialogue hard to understand.

Opt for a cabinet that's built to minimize distortion and allow total immersion in music and movies. A highly rigid enclosure with an acoustically transparent grille allows the full range of sound to reach your listening area with the exact positioning that puts you in the middle of the action.

Add low-end power to your system

When your center channel offers a tremendous range of frequency response, it achieves an ideal blend with the other speakers in your setup. An integrated powered subwoofer brings you the full force of low-end sound. Combine your center channel speaker with a separate subwoofer for rich, detailed bass.

A bass radiator and a Balanced Double Surround System spread the low end around your listening or viewing area for maximum impact. Intelligent Bass Control lets you make adjustments to the low frequencies without throwing off the dynamic balance of the midrange.

The center channel speaker is a workhorse in your home audio setup, so select one with the design and features to provide consistently fantastic results. You'll find a variety of options, including timbre-matched left and right speakers, by exploring the center channel collection from Definitive Technology.