Are Invisible Subwoofers Right for Your Home Theater System?

Invisible subwoofers provide the perfect bass boost to create a stunning home theater experience.

An ideal home theater experience is one that's truly immersive and free of auditory distractions - as well as visual ones. Getting lost in your favorite movie requires powerful speakers and AV equipment that drives the latest surround sound decoding. However, don't discount the impact that speaker and subwoofer placement can have on the listening experience. Where you place the subwoofer impacts acoustics, but if it's in a visually distracting area, it may deter from the overall immersion of your entertainment.          

There's a workaround for this issue: invisible in-wall subwoofers from Definitive Technology stay out of sight while providing the powerful, low-end frequencies essential to the best blockbusters. 

Why choose in-wall for subwoofers?

There are multiple options for speaker concealment within a home theater setting. Some may feel apprehensive about in-wall subwoofers due to concerns regarding depth and the risk of causing excess vibration within drywall. However, a model like the Definitive Technology IWSub Reference is designed to circumvent such potential roadblocks with its special shallow-depth driver, non-resonant enclosure and paintable bezel and grille.

There are pros and cons to both in-wall and in-floor installments. In-wall subwoofers are considerably easier to install - they fit snugly between typical-width wall studs. In-floor subwoofers require adjustment of the beams and slab within your floor, as well as some considerable wiring efforts. But it is nice to feel that deep-bass roar from the ground up.

Mounting a subwoofer in the ceiling may be the least appealing option, according to Audioholics. Its location won't allow it to supply appropriate bass to the room, and the only element that makes much of a difference is the size of the driver. By contrast, placing a subwoofer within the wall accomplishes both primary goals of a home theater environment: incredible booming sound and unimpeded aesthetic enjoyment.

Sonic considerations for a floor subwoofer

What constitutes as an ideal subwoofer may vary between individuals, but most consider driver size to be crucial. Well-regarded subwoofers have drivers with diameters of 10" or more, sometimes up to 18". But the driver isn't a be-all, end-all for sound quality. In fact, drivers bigger than 13" in diameter are notably more prone to distortion than those between 9" and 12". 

For an in-wall subwoofer, you want a happy medium between driver size, woofer size (so it fits between the studs fairly easily) and wattage. The IWSub 10/10 provides such a balance, featuring a 10” active driver paired with a 10” ultra-low bass radiator.

Paired with the Definitive SubAmp 600 (which also supports the larger IWSub Reference), you’re all but guaranteed to create a forceful sonic experience that will help fully immerse you in your favorite movies and shows.

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