Catch Up on 2018 Blockbusters You Missed, From the Luxury of Your Home

These blockbuster films play outstandingly in a home theater setting with Definitive Technology hi-fi components.

With hundreds of movies released in American theaters each year and a limited amount of time per day, it's hard to keep up with every blockbuster. Rather than stress over getting to the theater every other weekend, bring the hits to the comfort of your abode. With a 4K tv and Hi-Fi components driving the experience, you'll get a more immersive experience - and the popcorn is free.  

Check out three essential 2018 blockbusters that play beautifully in a home theater environment:

Black Panther: A new Marvel highlight

Few moviegoers doubt Marvel Studios' ability, from the panoramic action in the Avengers films or the character-driven drama of the Jessica Jones series. Combining the two can be tricky, but that's exactly what director and co-writer Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station; Creed) did with his film Black Panther.

The story largely chronicles the conflict between king T'Challa's desire to do good on a worldwide scale and his need to protect the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda from a greedy outside world, while facing a militant incursion from the radical Killmonger. Black Panther offers plenty of action — especially its finale, which will sound fantastic on the ProCinema 600 system. Yet it also tackles real-life societal issues and features rich performances from Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita N'yongo, Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett and many others.

Crazy Rich Asians: A crowd-pleasing rom-com

The story in which the protagonist must prove themselves to the family and friends of a loved one is an age-old trope. But American moviegoers aren't always readily exposed to films depicting this experience within foreign cultures. The massive box-office success of Crazy Rich Asians (almost $175 million in the U.S. alone) was thus one of 2018's pleasant surprises.

All that aside, Crazy Rich Asians is an incredibly charming romantic comedy about a Chinese-American professor who gets a rude awakening to the social elitism in which her wildly wealthy (but good-hearted) Singaporean boyfriend was raised. Constance Wu and Henry Golding make a dazzling lead pair, while Michelle Yeoh and Ken Jeong stand out in the supporting cast.

A Quiet Place: A nerve-wracking thriller

Silence is one of the horror genre's most effective weapons, creating extreme tension and drama before the ghost (or monster, demon, slasher, and so on) appears. The volume should only rise when you least expect it. A Quiet Place, directed by Office star John Krasinski (who co-wrote the script stars alongside his wife Emily Blunt) takes this dynamic to sometimes unbearable extremes in this tale of a family living in near total silence to hide from deadly ... things with hyper-sensitive hearing.

Making too much - or really, any noise gets you killed in this world. Experiencing it via this spare, powerful film - which doesn't rely on blood for its scares - benefits immensely from a sound system that can reproduce the slightest sound of footsteps and the sudden screech of an attacker in crystal clarity. That's exactly what Definitive Technology's ProCinema collection excels at.

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