Definitive Technology Debuts Two New High-Performance Sound Bars with Chromecast

The New Studio Advance and Studio Slim Sound Bars Deliver Precision Sound and Advanced Home Theater Technologies in a Sleek, Minimalist Package

VISTA, CA. (Sept. 4, 2018)—Today at CEDIA 2018, taking place from September 4 – 8, in San Diego, Definitive Technology®, the market leader in high-end loudspeaker solutions, announced the Studio Advance ($1,299) and Studio Slim ($899) Chromecast-enabled Sound Bar Systems. Designed with enthusiasts in mind, the Studio Advance and Studio Slim Sound Bars offer ultra-precise, expansive audio with an included subwoofer for tight, accurate bass that brings action scenes and soundtracks to life. The 5.1 channel Studio Advance employs virtual surround sound technology for immersive listening and passes through 4K and HDR for crystal clear image quality. With wireless listening connectivity and a beautiful design that seamlessly blends into any home environment, the Studio Advance is a sound bar for serious home theater enthusiasts. The 3.1 channel Studio Slim sound bar's svelte profile offers outstanding sonic precision in an ultra-slim package for easy placement.  

"Definitive Technology has produced several award-winning audio products over the past several years. However, we're not resting on our laurels and have tuned into customer feedback to produce two new sound bars that we believe will surprise and delight consumers all over the globe," said Skylar Gray, global brand director, at Definitive Technology. "We built the Studio Advance and Studio slim sound bars to address sound, technology and design needs from the audiophile as well as TV, movie, music and sports enthusiasts. The addition of HDMI ARC, Chromecast and 4K pass through, paired with Definitive Technology's ultra-accurate, room-filling sound, make these sound bars an easy choice for anyone serious about quality content."

To meet the increasing demand for high-performance home theater sound bars, Definitive Technology packed nine transducers in the Studio Advance and seven in the Studio Slim, each driven by dedicated amplifiers. With the Studio Advance, users can enjoy movies and shows in 4K and HDR with an advanced HDMI video section (one in/three out). One-inch aluminum dome tweeters radiate crisp and clean high frequencies, while three-inch oval drivers smoothly reproduce the critical midrange. The accompanying eight-inch subwoofer fills out the audio spectrum with punchy, precise bass for room-filling sound. Additionally, users can adjust the center channel level, elevating dialog for added clarity, even with the most sonically dense TV shows and films.

Both new Definitive Technology Studio Sound Bars are Chromecast-enabled, ensuring greater ease of use without sacrificing content quality. With Chromecast, users can control music, movies, news or podcasts from their favorite apps, find answers via Google Search, schedule appointments, set timers, make calls and control supported smart home devices. Connect each sound bar to other Chromecast-enabled speakers in the Google Home app to create a whole home audio system - and use voice commands to control music via a Google Home-enabled speaker, mobile device or home network.

With HDMI ARC, the Studio Advance and Studio Slim sound bars can be connected to TVs with a single HDMI cable, reducing clutter and set up time. HDMI ARC also makes using the sound bars a breeze as users can leverage their TV remote to control the sound bars' core functionality.


Studio Advance Sound Bar Key Features:

  • 5.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar System—With dedicated left, center, right and surround channels driven by nine discrete transducers and amplifiers, the Studio Advance Sound Bar features DSP-enhanced sound decoding. The adjustable center channel lets listeners custom tailor voice for elevated dialogue clarity for music, movies or streaming.
  • HDMI 4K/HDR Support—Allows users to enjoy high-resolution content from Apple TV, Blu-Ray players, Roku, Chromecast, gaming consoles and other steaming media devices without degrading the signal, clarity or contrast. With three HDMI inputs and one HDMI ARC, users can connect up to three media players to the Studio Advance and control the sound bar’s core functionality with a TV remote.
  • Sonic Superiority—Three one-inch aluminum dome tweeters radiate crisp and clean high frequencies, while six three-inch oval drivers powerfully reproduce the midrange. The accompanying eight-inch downward firing subwoofer fills in the remainder of the audio range.
  • 3.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar System—The Studio Slim features dedicated left, center and right channels. These are driven by seven individual transducers and amplifiers with powerful DSP, delivering room-filling three channel sound for precise imaging, wide sound stage and reproduction of surround content. The adjustable center channel allows users to custom tailor voicing to suit all listening needs.
  • Sleek, Elegant Design—The Studio Slim boasts a brushed dark-aluminum top panel for a sleek, minimalist look. With an ultra-low profile, one and three-quarters inch and acoustically inert housing, the Studio Slim blends seamlessly into any home environment and will not block a TV’s bottom edge. 
  • HDMI ARC—Allows users to hear and feel precision sound—and enjoy seamless control—via a single HDMI cable. HDMI ARC sends audio from smart TV built-in apps and sources connected directly to the TV to the Studio Slim.
  • Incredible Sound—The Studio Slim houses three one-inch aluminum dome tweeters and four three-inch oval drivers. Like the Studio Advance, the accompanying eight-inch subwoofer provides core-pounding bass.


Studio Slim Sound Bar Key Features:

With one-button EQ presets for "Movies," "Music" and "Night" optimization, the Studio Sound Bar and Subwoofer Systems' listening experience can be tailored regardless of the type of entertainment being consumed. "Movie" mode widens the sound stage and heightens dialogue and effects for immersive home theater, while "Music" mode focuses the imaging and simplifies processing, resulting in accurate, uncolored reproduction for the purist. "Night" mode tailors overall output and bass response for more subdued late-night viewing. Users can watch their favorite movies and shows with crystal clear dialogue, immersive sound and tight, accurate bass for a captivating experience with every setting.   

Definitive Technology will display the new Studio Advance Sound Bar and Studio Slim Sound Bar at CEDIA 2018, booth #4128. For more information on Definitive Technology’s collection of sound bars and audio products, please visit


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