How Digital Signal Processing Improves Your Audio Experience

Digital signal processing can be a powerful tool for delivering the best sound, especially when used to provide Intelligent Bass Control for a powered subwoofer.

Home audio enthusiasts are often focused on preserving the unique sonic idiosyncrasies that come with using analog equipment. However, digital signal processing lets you enjoy the subtle details of sound in music and movies and maintains the crucial balance between high, low and midrange frequencies. When advanced DSP is implemented in high-performance speakers, listeners are able to appreciate every nuance of a recording.

How DSP works

DSP encompasses many ways of manipulating a variety of signals, including both audio and video. When it comes to your home audio system, this technology can either add dramatic effects to the sound coming from your speakers or just deliver exceptionally clear audio. Drawing on digital processing power makes up for the imperfections of your listening area and the limitations of speaker design, ensuring that the full range of sound gets through to your ears.

When it's used in high-end equipment, DSP makes subtle adjustments to the already crisp dynamics, keeps the various elements of your system in phase and maintains time alignment. Those adjustments allow you to hear more of the details in a recording than would be possible with a purely analog speaker.

Because of these benefits to performance, Class-D amplifier chips included in many speakers now commonly feature digital technology (though, contrary to popular belief, the "D" in class-D does not stand for "digital"). Incorporating these devices into speakers can lead to greater precision in tuning and huge gains in the accuracy of audio reproduction.

Make intelligent bass control part of your home theater

One of the most powerful uses of DSP is intelligent bass control, which is featured in many products from Definitive Technology. This technology allows the user to modulate bass frequencies as they like while keeping mid-range tones in balance. That means having rich, resonant low-end sound at the intensity that fits your space and personal preferences without missing out on the complexities of music or film soundtracks.

This form of DSP has a variety of applications in your surround sound system. For instance, when incorporated into the CS9060 center channel speaker, intelligent bass control results in more vivid sound for vocals and dialogue. In the BP9080x tower speaker, the DSP technology integrates the sound from a 12-inch powered subwoofer into a bipolar array that delivers a full range of audio. The high-performance speaker offers a broad soundstage, perfectly balancing intense bass frequencies with the tweeters and midrange.

Digital signal processing has become an increasingly common part of speakers, and in many ways intelligent bass control makes effective use of this technology. Check out the full selection from Definitive Technology to find high-quality speakers driven by innovative, digital technology.