How to Get Premium Audio with a Minimal Footprint

Strike the right balance between elegance and audio fidelity with a high-quality speaker system.

You need the best audio equipment available to create a home theater sound system that faithfully captures the experience of watching a movie on the big screen. When shoppers consider their options, they often find themselves torn between large, bulky speakers that promise top-level sound quality and more compact units that complement their home decor.

You don't need to compromise audio fidelity to get home theater speakers that fit seamlessly into your viewing space without drawing unwanted attention. With Definitive Technology speakers, you can acquire the premium audio you're looking for with a minimal footprint.

In-wall speakers offer impeccable understatement

One way to combine premium audio quality with an unobtrusive surround sound setup is to take advantage of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The latest in-wall, high-performance speakers disappear into their surroundings so completely, viewers may not realize they're even there.

The Definitive Technology DI 5.5 BPS, for instance, uses a flangeless design, micro-perforated grille and flush mounting to minimize its visible area and effectively hide within any wall or ceiling.

The DI 5.5 BPS features state-of-the-art Balanced Double Surround Sound System (BDSS) technology and Bipolar sound dispersion to provide the dynamic range and deep bass you would expect from a speaker twice its size. Pure aluminum dome tweeters deliver crystal-clear highs, and PolyStone baskets remove potential vibrations that could impact the audio experience.

Minimize clutter with compact home theater speakers

Movie fans may think they need towering floor standing speakers and 13-channel - or above - setups to achieve movie theater-quality sound in their own home, but the truth is you can pare things down and still get the audio performance you're looking for. It's all in the hardware.

The ProCinema 600 series features all the audio muscle of a high-end surround sound system in an elegant package with a minimal footprint. Place ProCinema 600 series on shelves to avoid drawing unwanted attention, or clear additional space by mounting them to the wall.

These relatively tiny satellite speakers pack a major punch, using the same BDSS drivers to deliver pristine highs that never falter. Meanwhile, pressure-coupled mid-bass radiators provide richness and warmth to the low-end. Paired with the ProCinema 600 center channel speaker, these units create a true surround sound environment in your home theater.

At the end of the day, the materials make the system, which is why Definitive Technology uses nothing but the very best to manufacture high-performance speakers that deliver outsized sound in a deceptively small package. Whether you're interested in maximizing your space with a more compact setup or hiding your speakers altogether with in-wall and in-ceiling equipment, Definitive Technology has the hardware to create the perfect home theater sound system.