Matching Speaker Stands to Your Home Audio System

Speaker stands have a crucial role to play in making a home theater system look and sound its best, helping to achieve the ideal placement for quality speakers.

A high-quality audio system is defined by sophisticated electronics and beautifully engineered components. However, there's one aspect that some tend to underestimate: speaker stands. Quality speaker stands greatly impact the appearance - and sound - of your home theater setup.

Why speaker stands matter

Proper speaker placement is an essential factor to achieve detailed and engaging sound throughout your listening area. That's why stands are a must if you are using bookshelf speakers for a home theater. Stands go a long way toward accomplishing optimal positions for your speakers and keeping them securely where they belong.

The advantages for sound quality are partially a matter of height: stands are built to place speakers so the tweeters are approximately level with your ears when you're seated, at around 22 to 28 inches. That's because, unlike subwoofers, tweeters don't send sound in all directions. If your speaker is not at the correct level, you are likely missing out on dynamic balance and other vital aspects of high-end sound.

Further, there are negative ramifications to speaker performance if it is not positioned firmly on a solid base. A shelf, table or even a wooden floor is likely to vibrate in response to sound, especially bass, and cause distortion. It's therefore crucial to keep speakers isolated atop a surface that's firmly anchored in position.

Choosing the right speaker stands for your home theater

Putting some thought into your selection of stands brings noticeable benefits to sound quality as well as a more attractive look for your equipment. When considering what to purchase, start at the bottom by making sure the feet are sturdy and suited to the floor in your listening area.

For a solid floor covered in carpet, look for spikes that can pierce through the covering. On wood floors, you'll want feet with pads instead. However, since additional weight is the key to keeping the stand firmly in place, some models also include a hollow area where you can add a heavy material like sand or shot.

Color and style also matter when shopping for speaker stands. After all, they become highly visible parts of the decor in your home theater. Choose ones that match your speakers and also complement the overall vibe of the room.

One way to ensure you enjoy the best in performance and aesthetics is to combine the Definitive Technology Demand Series bookshelf speakers with ST1 speaker stands. Built from steel and featuring a medium-density fiberboard base, these stands keep speakers at the perfect height to create a broad, immersive soundstage.

Adjustable spikes with the option to add rubber caps and a fill space for sand mean the ST1 suits any type of floor. Your D9 or D11 bookshelf speakers will stay firmly in place, thanks to built-in threaded inserts, and rubber pads protect their gloss finish.

You can find the speaker stands to ideally fit your home and your bookshelf speakers by looking at the full selection from Definitive Technology.