DT Series

Experience sensational sonic performance that seemingly disappears into walls and ceilings.

Build Fidelity into Any Room

Fill your home with built-in audio from DT Series custom instal speakers. Whether placed within your walls, ceiling, or even the bathroom and other smaller spaces, these versatile loudspeakers deliver superior performance and a perfect fit for any multi-room or home theatre system.

Every Piece Chosen for a Purpose

DT Series speakers were developed from the ground up with the highest quality materials. Clear, natural sound springs from high definition drivers, as acoustically optimized tweeters reveal the most delicate of details. All whilst wafer-thin grilles hide in plain sight. Each component specifically selected to maximise performance.

Premium Components

High definition drivers with polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds, annealed aluminium dome tweeters and high definition crossover networks with Mylar capacitors produce pristine midrange and high frequencies for the purest, most realistic sound.

Simple Installation

Perfect-fit templates, swivel tweeter mounts (included with select models) and the rotating cam installation method make setup quick, easy and reliable.

Disappearing Grille

Instantly locked into place using powerful neodymium magnets, micro-perf grilles with slim bezels are wafer-thin and paintable for complete invisibility.

Definitive Performance

The most highly reviewed premium home audio brand in the USA, Definitive Technology creates award-winning products for the most discerning audiophiles, merging iconic style with uncompromising sound quality.

Surround Sound to Believe In

Envelop your home in rich, high performance sound from built-in speakers that won't encroach on your living space. Choose from a wide variety of DT Series single stereo and surround loudspeakers to create a complete stealth home theatre experience.

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