This is exceptional

Home audio

Now's your moment to become one with our sound. And with a fine array of options to suit all of your home audio needs, whatever speakers pique your interest are built to enthrall-sonically and visually.

The Difference Is in the Details

There's no other sound like ours. And our discipline deals only in what's audible. It's this streamlined focus that lets us bend sound to our will-so you get a home audio experience that's always full-range, room-filling, precise and wholly complete.

The sound—and look—that endures

We've crafted every one of our products with the utmost attention to detail. From floorstanding speakers with monolithic presence and sound, to slim on-wall speakers that also pack plenty of audio brawn, to unobtrusive sound bars for most sensible audio purist-and plenty more-there's just no denying that Definitive Technology stands the test of time in all aspects of home audio.