The definition of surround sound

Simply put, surround sound creates an immersive home theatre experience in the comfort of your home. And there are multiple setups to explore and consider-from a basic two channel system with left and right front speakers, to expanded configurations that cover every listening point in the room that you can imagine.

Surround sound that entices

Ours is a wonderful sonic sphere, engineered to make sound feel like it's happening all around you. Whether your surround format is Dolby or DTS, Definitive Technology speakers are built to elevate every nuance of what you hear. Just remember that with our built-in subwoofers, a common 2.1 setup gets a massive upgrade with our 2.2 approach.


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Surround sound that drives experience

The best movies and TV shows are often a reflection of the world at large. Whenever you watch, listen in a way that befits those intentions and elevates the details in dialogue and action by adding a centre channel speaker to your system.

Surround sound that totally immersive

Taking surround sound to the next level relies on rear and/or side-firing speakers-plus additional height modules or in-ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos or DTS:X so you can enjoy sound coming at you from above. Whether you opt for a five- or seven-speaker setup, know this: You get audio engineered to amaze.