Envelop Your Home with Sound

In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

Enjoy impressive sound everywhere in your home without the visual intrusion of freestanding speakers Engineered to be practically invisible with smaller diameters, hidden flange designs and micro-perf grilles, our in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers vanish into any room to reveal powerful performance hidden beneath the surface.

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Collections


In-Wall Reference Line Source Speaker

The Reference Line Source II enclosed full-range loudspeaker delivers sonically sharp audio without vibration or buzz. Non-resonant sealed medite cabinets produce tight bass and clear midrange. A pure aluminium dome tweeter, two pressure-driven Low Bass radiators and their extraordinary performance make the RLS II perfect for left, right, centre or surround applications in home theatres or multichannel music systems.


Reference In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

High performance home audio is an experience to savour. With the RCS II, great sound that all but disappears is what makes these in-ceiling speakers so special. The technologies involved with producing the amazing audio took decades to perfect, but will only take you milliseconds to appreciate.


Disappearing™ In-Wall Series Dual 6.5" L/C/R Loudspeaker

The legendary sound performance found in Definitive Technology freestanding speakers comes alive in the DI 6.5 LCR. Ease of installation and disappearing design complement the premium listening experience. Since every speaker in the DI Series shares an accurate sonic signature, you can choose from multiple options to configure a system to your exact specifications. Ensuring that, what you're listening to will be greatly enhanced by what you're listening through.


Disappearing™ In-Wall Loudspeaker

With Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS™) technology, DI 5.5BPS surround speakers deliver the bass output and dynamic range of traditional 8" speakers. Hidden within your walls or ceiling, lifelike sonic performance and broad, even dispersion become even more impressive. Whilst other in-wall speakers autumn short on sound quality and stealth, the DI 5.5 BPS sets an impossibly high standard.

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