Indulge Your Bass Instincts


Feel the unique combination of delicate musicality and thunderous power from Definitive Technology active subwoofers.


Subwoofer Collections 

Get Powerful Bass in a Box

Unleash unbelievably deep bass performance from an astonishingly compact subwoofer. Pound for pound, Definitive Technology subs are the best on the market, packing earthshaking power that blows larger, costlier subs right out of the water.

Achieve Bold New Lows

Top performance comes with the deepest low frequency output. From superior cinematic effects to musical realism that rivals live performances, these powered subwoofers deliver the very best in accurate, low-distortion bass impact.

Key Features

Deep Bass Impact

Definitive Technology subwoofers combine innovative amplifiers and sophisticated crossovers to produce the deepest, low-distortion bass.

Balanced Double Surround System

Developed with patented BDSS™ technology, high definition drivers with unique cones and rubber surrounds deliver more precise sound at all volumes.

Solid Cabinets

Totally inert, vibration-free enclosures are constructed with superior materials fused together by space-age polymer adhesives to ensure the absolute purest sonic performance.

Definitive Performance

The most highly reviewed premium home audio brand in the USA, Definitive Technology creates award-winning products for the most discerning audiophiles, merging iconic style with uncompromising sound quality.