Achieve bold new lows

ProSub Series

Top performance comes with the deepest low frequency output in ProSub Series powered subwoofers.

Pure Bass at Its Best

The perfect complement to any audio system, the ProSub Series is relentlessly engineered with powerful built-in amplifiers, sophisticated crossovers and high definition drivers. From superior cinematic effects to musical realism that rivals live performances, these active subwoofers deliver the very best in accurate, low-distortion bass impact.

The Emotion You’ve Been Looking For

Discover transcendent bass that pushes beyond audibility to shake the body and stir the soul. The rarest, most exciting and highly sought after of audio achievements, now available in award-winning ProSub Series powered subwoofers.

Patented Amplifiers

Digitally-coupled Infinite Power Source amplifiers feature high-current, direct-coupled power supplies and discrete MOSFET output devices. Constructed with superior components, like mil-spec glass epoxy circuit boards and precision resistors and capacitors, these innovative amps produce flawless high definition resolution.

High Definition Drivers

Secured in absolute alignment within rigid baskets, powerful high definition drivers with ultra-stiff, lightweight cones are affixed to specially formulated surrounds and high-capacity, aluminium long-throw voice coils. The result is lightning-fast transient response and rock-solid, low-distortion bass down to the lowest subsonic frequencies.

Adjustable Crossovers

Sophisticated electronic crossovers with continuously adjustable low-pass filter and level controls eliminate distortion and unwanted midrange. This gives you the power to fine-tune subwoofer settings for perfect blending with any system and optimum performance in any room.

Monocoque Cabinets

Fused together by space-age polymer adhesives, solid, high-density medite cabinets with extra-thick front and rear baffles keep ProSub Series subwoofers totally inert and vibration-free.

Bass Reaches New Depths

Dive deeper than ever into the soundtrack of your favourite movies with the excitement, realism and low frequency effects created by the ProSub Series. Perfectly matched with any stereo or multi-channel audio system, and tuned for optimum performance in any room, ProSub Series subwoofers supply accurate, awe-inspiring bass impact with low distortion, delicate musicality and thunderous subsonic power.

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