Get powerful bass in a compact box

Supercube Series

Unleash unbelievably deep bass performance from an astonishingly compact subwoofer with the SuperCube Series.

Big bass is smaller than ever

The SuperCube Series is pound for pound the best powered subwoofer on the market. Combining digital amplifiers, Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and robust front-mounted drivers joined to dual pressure-coupled bass radiators, these elegant, ultra-small subwoofers pack earthshaking power that blows larger, costlier subs right out of the water.

Capacity and Quality

Audiophiles and serious music listeners know a subwoofer's performance isn't just measured in loud, dull thuds and explosions per minute. When it comes to nuanced musical bass, the SuperCube Series supplies tight, precise response for the most realistic music reproduction.

High Definition Drivers

Powerful, high definition drivers with ultra-stiff cones, specially formulated surrounds and long-throw voice coils are pressure-coupled to ultra low bass radiators to deliver the tightest, low-distortion bass ever.

Digital Tracking Amplifiers

Designed from the ground up, Class HD digital tracking amplifiers are smart, powerful and more environment-friendly, delivering high-volume, high-impact and low-distortion bass-at all the right moments-whilst consuming much less energy.

Digital Signal Processors

Essentially a miniature computer, the integrated 56-bit DSP uses multi-band digital protection systems to ensure bass response is always tight, highly-detailed and distortion-free.

Style Meets Performance

Constructed with multiple internal braces and 2” thick front and rear panels, solid SuperCube Series enclosures are completely inert and vibration-free, with digital displays and a wireless remote that lets you adjust crossover frequency, equalization and phase settings for the perfect bass experience.

A New Dimension of Bass

Subterranean bass depth, seismic power, instantaneous response and a new level of realism. Get colossal bass performance from beautiful enclosures that fit anywhere with SuperCube Series subwoofers.

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