Balanced accuracy, elegant styling

Mythos Series

The Mythos Series consists of slim, elegant speakers with aircraft grade Aluminium enclosures-all designed to match the styling of today's flat panel TVs.


On-wall, on-shelf and on-stand

Passive sound bars

Supreme, Unequaled Audio Excellence

Available in space-saving on-wall, shelf-mount and floor-standing options for the ultimate in placement flexibility and ease, this series combines high tech cabinetry and drivers in a narrow form factor to produce a broad sound stage with precise imaging normally designated for ultra high-end speakers.

The Benchmark of Performance

As the zenith to the Mythos range, the Mythos SuperTower® gives you full-on deep bass impact from its built-in SuperCube™ powered subwoofers for double the bass minus the clutter of having to add separate subs to your setup.


Mythos ST-L

Floorstanding Loudspeaker with Built-In 1200W Subwoofer

With its ultra-high performance built-in powered subwoofer and reworked drivers, tweeter, amplifier and user interface-all housed in an elegant extruded aluminium enclosure-Mythos ST-L is more than sonic marvel. It's a meticulous rethinking of our original high performance super tower that offers serious audio listeners exhilarating performance.


Mythos XTR-60

On-Wall, On-Shelf Ultra-Thin Loudspeaker

Highly-acclaimed and the leader of the XTR family of speakers, the Mythos XTR-60 has a super shallow depth of 1.5" to matches today's ultra-thin TVs. Beyond its utility and clean, modern styling, what really sets it apart is the uncompromising sound quality and technological prowess-the kind that's equivalent to full-size speakers.


Mythos Nine

On-Wall, On-Shelf L/C/R Loudspeaker

The Mythos® Nine is tall, slim and proportioned to complement large flat screen TVs when used as a left/right speaker, or as a centre speaker for sets 42" and smaller. The performance owes its power to BDSS™ drivers and racetrack bass radiators that effortlessly outperform other on-wall speakers in its class. When people think of province-of-the-art home theatre, this is what comes to mind.

In a class by itself

Conveying this kind of sonic quality with words alone is an impossible task. But you can believe the Mythos series provides the kind of depth and nuance in home theatre and music like you've never heard before-delivering dynamic impact and sheer bass power that's engineered to truly amaze. One listen is all it takes to know that this is form, beauty and function-and perfection-all rolled into one.

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